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An Outstanding Sport Boat at a Less Expensive Price. The Armada transom boat is the best model for leisure boating with its high performance and easy maneuverability The Armada is growing in popularity with fisherman and other water enthusiasts who want to enjoy a relaxing time on the water with their families. This model can tow a small water slide, and can be used for many other applications on the ocean, rivers or lakes Excellent Stability and High Performance with less Horse Power.. The Armada was designed to easily handle 15-40 horse power outboard motor. You can have complete. .confidence in its strength, performance and reliability. This model has enough room to takes 5 - 8 persons on board very comfortably Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, or Plastic Floor The standard floor system of this series is a painted marine plywood floorboard. However, you can order an aluminum floorboard system as an option for your boat. And specifically, the SE380A has a third option of plastic floorboard system We have a wide variety of flooring systems for all models. Type merk ZEBEC PRODUKSI KOREA TYPE 350 UNTUK KAPASITAS : 5 ORG TYPE 380 UNTUK KAPASITAS : 6 ORG TYPE 420 A : 8 ORG TYPE 450 A : 9 ORG TYPE 480 AR : 12 ORG Rafting Boat merk ZEBEC : ARB 330 Kap. 5 orang ARB 360 Kap. 6 orang ARB 390 Kap. 7 orang FOR IINFO PLEASE CONTACT : Anto 0812 84 888 411 085811166678 marketing manager Anto. e- mail : tono_ suganda@ http: / / http: / /